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A big Cyber Ninjas welcome to the National Lottery Community Fund and Crown Commercial Service!

Happy New Year to everyone - and welcome to two new customers, who are now rolling out Cyber Ninjas and Data Confident as mandatory training for all of their staff!

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Cyber Ninjas is a unique series of NCSC Assured Cyber/GDPR e-learning modules, delivered in bite-sized chunks. Co-designed with subject matter experts from some of the UK's biggest organisations, with some production magic from our team of BAFTA award-winning film-makers, Cyber Ninjas is annually updated and continues to set the benchmark for Cyber/GDPR training that learners actually love doing! (Check out the testimonials below). You'll find us - making a difference - throughout the BBC, NHS Wales and hundreds of local authorities, businesses, banks, charities and statutory organisations across the UK and beyond. Grab a cuppa and scroll down to find out more!

NCSC Assured Cyber & GDPR Training - loved by hundreds of thousands of learners across the UK!

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So why do you need CYBER NINJAS?


You have a pressing need to train your staff to a good working level of Cyber and GDPR awareness. You're fire-fighting data breaches and the clicking of malicious links. And you need to be able to demonstrate your organisation is taking serious steps to reduce these threats - with real metrics and evidence. Cyber Ninjas is for you.


Cyber Ninjas all-staff training is inspired by the original Cyber & GDPR training we produced for the BBC - the only mandatory course they have. Imagine having to train 22,000 reluctant learners, some of whom are amongst the most creative and demanding on the planet. It needs to be good, right?

OK, so we admit it. Cyber Ninjas is entertaining and informative - it’s not the usual e-learning formula - and thousands of glowing testimonials from our learners confirm they love what they’re experiencing. Crucially, it's also NCSC Assured, meaning you can rest assured that while they're entertained, they're also getting the best quality advice.

Cyber Ninjas is a 2 year training programme and includes our annually updated top-up module called REFRESH, with a mandatory quiz and all of the latest advice. REFRESH is just that - a quick refresher in year 2. Your learners will thank you for not "sheep-dipping" them every year with the same training - and you'll be safe in the knowledge that you're doing everything you can to keep them up to date and cyber aware.

CYBER NINJAS is available as a SCORM package or via our Matobo Learning cloud-hosted LMS.

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Learner feedback - 30th November 2023

Customer feedback

Learner feedback - 18th July 2023

Learner feedback 241123.png

Learner feedback - 24th November 2023

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Learner feedback - 28th January 2024

Learner feedback 4th Jan 24.png

Learner feedback - 4th January 2024

Learner Feedback 220224.png

Learner feedback - 22nd February 2024

Learner feedback 190324.png

Learner feedback - 18th March 2024

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DATA CONFIDENT teaches your learners everything they need to know about Good Information Governance.


Data Confident is the second of our major co-designs with the public sector, working with 8 local authorities and housing associations - and together, we’ve created an easy to follow 4 step guide to processing and sharing of data for staff at all levels. The goal was to reduce decision paralysis and to dispel and debunk some of the myths that hold them back. Think of it as a comprehensive toolkit to enable your learners to:


  • quickly and confidently identify different types of data

  • choose a rock solid lawful basis (and special category condition, if needed) for processing

  • evaluate the impact on people

  • document and notify them

  • plot the data lifecycle

  • understand the rules around sharing

  • and spot any information risks along the way

New features for 2022 include mandated quizzes, improved accessibility and a fresh new visual design.

DATA CONFIDENT is available as a SCORM package or via our Matobo Learning cloud-hosted LMS.

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Learner feedback - 30th January 2024

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You said, "we need a Cyber Ninjas For Councillors.”


You want all the good stuff from the NCSC Assured Cyber Ninjas all-staff training, but a bit more for elected members who have their own particular challenges with cyber security and data processing.


So we sat down with elected members, DPOs and SIROs from 9 co-designing local authorities, to create a unique version of the course for councillors and elected members.


The outcome - 5 brand new modules that sit amongst the original series, specifically for councillors and their different needs and responsibilities from regular staff.

That means all of the best advice around controller vs agent roles, pro tips for avoiding email account mishaps and easy pointers to navigate around the tricky data processing responsibilities they face as a Ward Representative, Politician or Council Representative. Now available in bilingual Welsh/English and available free of charge to all Welsh local authorities.

CYBER NINJAS FOR COUNCILLORS is available as a SCORM package or via our Matobo Learning cloud-hosted LMS.

Councillor feedback 02-10-23.png

County Councillor feedback - 2nd October 2023

Councillor feedback 12-10-23.jpg

City Councillor feedback - 12th October 2023

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Matobo Learning screenshot
Matobo Learning screenshot
Matobo Learning

You said, "we need a Cloud LMS that actually works and delivers learner metrics - effortlessly.”


You want a simple, secure, cloud-based Learning Management System that just works, with your own admin dashboard to manage learners. And you'd like Microsoft Single Sign On plus the ability to host external learners with their own personal email addresses... Course progress, book-marking, certificates and the ability to create reports for management... You want to be able to nudge those that need to crack on with their learning - and thank those that have completed - with the click of a button. Oh, and you'd like to rent some space to host some other courses, policies and learning materials.


You've got it - it's called Matobo Learning. 

Matobo Learning is our cloud-hosted LMS, exclusively designed and maintained by Matobo, to our specification. Now rolling out across multiple UK organisations, including the Welsh Government.

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So you need a quick website video to explain your Privacy Notice.


Our Customised Privacy Notice Video, following the popular style of Cyber Ninjas, is used by a growing number of UK local authorities - and it's proving to cut down the amount of customer queries to their help desks.


Co-designed with our data protection experts, it's designed to work for your organisation, with your logo and colour branding. It's designed to sit on your website and answer all of your customers' questions about privacy and data processing, with the aim of making you look slick and reducing traffic to your help desk. The customisation package includes:

  • Your logo and colour branding on the “Privacy Notice” asset

  • Your logo in the bottom right corner throughout the video

  • Your website privacy notice page and colour branding on the final page


The CUSTOMISED PRIVACY NOTICE VIDEO is delivered as an MP4 file with subtitles and descriptive transcript for you to host - or it can be hosted free of charge by Matobo. It is licensed to your organisation to use in perpetuity.

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